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Larry Ricker :

I'm a nature photographer who is just starting to delve into the world of video. I know how important music is to a video production but was getting frustrated with the costs associated with licensing quality music... until I stumbled upon IB Audio via a web search. I've only been a member for 4 months but have created a dozen YouTube videos and a DVD in that time, all using your awesome music. And, it hasn't broken the bank to do so! Time after time, I get compliments on my music selections.

My latest video was shot on Friday, edited on Saturday and up on YouTube late on Saturday and included 3 of your tracks -- including the newly released "Winds of Time". Your library is so large but well organized that it doesn't take long to find just the right music.

Looking at your renewal terms, I'm definitely going to sign up for a year's membership before my current one expires. Keep those great tracks coming!

Adam Dodd :

I was referred to ibaudio.com by another filmmaker. The biggest plus for us here at Octopus Films when using IB Audio's tracks is being able to log in, choose a track, download it and get editing with that track right away. I have looked at other music libraries and most have complicated and expensive fee structures which turned me off, no one else out there makes choosing and instantly downloading music as easy as IB Audio.

IB Audio's website is easy to navigate and the tracks are varied and high quality. I would like to say the customer service is second to none but I have never had the need to contact them which is a testament to the company in itself.

Our annual fee to subscribe to IB Audio pays itself off every year many times over and IB Audio is our first, and 95% of the time our last, port of call when searching for fresh tracks to include in our clients projects. Now we tell everyone where we got our great music from!!

Adam Dodd - DOP - Team Leader
Octopus Films

Aaron Baker :

Hello everyone!

I stumbled across IB Audio well over a year and a half ago and was stunned with the great quality at afordible price.

After checking out the watermarked versions of new tracks for a while, I am now a very happy full member. I develope games designed spesificly for the vision impared audience, a small venue to say the least.

I can not warrent paying for composers to compose a completely original soundtrack for my games, the pay out in the end is so small to begin with.

IBAudio's unlimitted downloads is a large resource for supplying many themes I will need for my next game.

Thank you, IB Audio!

Chris Benninger :

Ian and Team,

I'm writing to tell you that renewing my subscription was a no-brainer. As a humble, small-time documentary filmmaker, you are truly one of my greatest assets. Hell, you're practically an extended team. rnrnYour music is diverse. The quality is incredible. In fact, your music library is about all I use in my "mini-docs."

I have a feature documentary slated for October (small time stuff, very local), but I'll be sure to credit you for the music tracks. I want anyone who sees the film to know who composed the music which, as you know, is one of the most important elements of any documentary film.

Some of my favorites tracks: Ambient Dream, Documentary Drone 5, Elevated, Believe in This, and the list goes on!

With Sincerest Gratitude for Your Incredible Work,
Chris Benninger

Scott Farrow :

As a video producer, having access to a quality music library with such variety really does make the job easier! Not only is the music produced fantastic but the service is great, the licensing is simple and the pricing is unbelievable. I chose the option of the USB drive to save me time downloading all the tracks myself - this is a great option as it has plenty of room to add the new tracks as they become available! Your service has taken the hassle out of searching endlessly for good quality, royalty free music!

Scott Farrow, Video Producer

Dave :

Voice over work is not only a passion of mine, but part of my daily life. I volunteer for a small market commnunity radio station, but also supply a National company (Rogers) with radio and tv commercial voice work as well as many radio stations in Ontario Canada. I have also supplied voice work to many different "entities" in the USA, all over the United Kingdom as well as across Canada. IBAudio has one of the MOST comprehensive and up to date music libraries that I have ever come across thus far in my career! I was more than happy to receive (in very short order) my USB device, complete with their entire library. This library will ensure that (along with my voice talents) the people I supply voice work for, will be entirely satisfied (if not over the moon) with the end result! I thank everyone at IBAudio for your efforts and your passion for what you do! Wishing you all much success in the future.
Dave at VOXCreations - Ontario/Canada

Chris Benninger :

Your website is, bar none, the best source of royalty free music I have ever experienced / listened to / interacted with / explored.

I knew I wanted the year package as soon as I'd heard a few songs. Now, I can't believe what I'm getting for my dollar. As a budding documentary filmmaker, you are quite possibly my greatest asset, as music can either make or break a film.

Chris Benninger

Yawarra :


I signed up yesterday for an unlimited account so I could create a collection of music for our on-hold system for our business, and I just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed exploring your collection of music. I'm seriously impressed with the variety of styles and quality of tunes you have on offer, and I'm now chillin' while I work to an awesome selection of your music.

Thank you!
Nikki Stokes,
Managing Director,
Yawarra Information Appliances Pty Ltd

Lyle Jackson :

Up for renewal soon and will not hesitate to buy access to some of the most creative and inspiring music out there. It's like having a composer in my back pocket. Brilliant work!

Sukey :

There are no words to dsceribe how bodacious this is.

Peter Mozingo :

I've spent quite a bit of time researching royalty free music for our commercials and videos and hands down, you guys had the best bang for the buck. The selection is extremely wide and fits a variety of different genres. Keep the great music coming and Concept2Motion.com appreciates your fantastic work!!

Peter Mozingo
Concept2Motion, LLC

Stephanie Cunningham :

I really just wanted to thank you for developing this website and this service - it has been incredibly helpful for our production needs and really enables our small student-run operation to produce quality creative content for our University without legal worries and expense. Thank you!

Steven Medellin :

Aww, mate, that is fookin' awesome! Happy doesn't begin to describe how much I love it. You cats are simply amazing!

I'll definitely need a 30-second cut, but I'm sure I can find uses for other lengths, too.

Ian, I just can't thank you enough. Your talent simply has me floored. Once we get some TV spots cut later in the year and early next year, I'll send you copies so you can see how your music was used. 'Course, now I've got to up my game to make it worthy of your song. ;)

David Cheok :

1) The licensing method - hassle free! We use as we need and without fear we're infringing based on some obscure terms and conditions and our clients are happy as they can use their videos as they please and without worry.

2) Large variation of tunes. This is our second year with IB-audio and we've always been able to find tunes that work with anything we've needed music/soundtracks with. Some videos need parts of a tune whilst others use the entire track. The freedom and choice is there. The soundtracks work well with anything from corporate videos to short documentaries. Well done Ian. I hope you continue striving to produce more quality tracks and stay committed building the libraries. Always looking forward to new tracks from you.

Rgds David Cheok Brunei Darussalam

Cally :

Are you tired of paying through the nose for a single cut of royalty free music? If so, do what I did and subscribe to IB Audio. As a 20-year veteran of video production, I have worked with many music libraries, and by far, IB Audio has the best overall selection of professionally produced music at very, very reasonable prices. There is so much original high-quality music that you will never unsubscribe to IB Audio. You can buy individual titles, or for one low annual fee, you get to download any and all of the numerous audio selections for your videos, web productions, independent films, or any other multi-media product. I'm not big on hyping products, but I must say, IB Audio rules supreme. Sample some of the music today.you'll be glad you did, I promise.

Cally Robyn Wolk

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