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Royalty Free Music For Schools

Educational establishments can sign up to our site and take advantage of our low-cost royalty free music for schools service.

Our music is completely royalty free as it is not registered with any performing rights organisations so it's ideal for use in education. We've made sure our license will be comprehensive enough to cover all your needs.

See our educational license terms.

When your membership expires you can keep using the music as per our license agreement.

How the school can use the music

The school can use the music in their educational curriculum. There is no limit to the number of students that can use the music within the school (single premises applies).

The school can use the music in their own commercial endeavours i.e. they can make and sell a year book that contains our music or for video advertising.

How the student can use the music

Students use our music within their school projects on a non-commercial basis. If a student wishes to you and school projects for commercial usage outside of the scope of the classroom then they will need to buy the music themselves.

Our license covers you for K-12 and University usage

A key factor in choosing music you can use in your educational curriculum is using copyright materials. All of our music is composed in house and we own the copyright 100%, so what we say on our license is finite. This complies with all rules and regulations needed for educational usage.

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