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Completely Royalty Free Music

What is royalty free music?

Royalty free music is a term that let's you know that you can purchase music for your productions and do not need to pay any further royalties (license fees) for commercial usage of your production.

The term royalty free music has many different names such as stock music, library music, production music (this term is usually used for sync only licenses), buyout music. They all generally mean the same thing: the ability to synchronise music in your projects without paying further royalty fees.

Unfortunately not all royalty free music is created equal as some 'royalty free music' requires further fees to be paid when broadcast (tv, radio, music on hold, Youtube etc..). This is due to the composer being a member of a PRO (performing rights organisation).

IB Audio is completely royalty free

When we say we are completely royalty free we are letting you know that we are NOT members of any PRO (PRS, ASCAP, BMI etc...)

Every piece of music on our site has been composed by us and is completely royalty free

This can have significant advantages to you as you know that you will never need to question whether you will be asked for a license fee from any PRO so you know exactly where you stand.

We believe this is a fundamental requirement for classifying royalty free music, after all it's why YOU are purchasing music in the first place (to be free from expensive license restrictions).

Our Competitors

Nearly all our competitors do not compose music themselves so they don't have absolute control over the actual composer that adds music to their library. Often they will charge for a license that means you will also need to obtain a second license from a relevant PRO for certain uses of the music (normally in broadcast situations). Something that is worth asking before purchasing music.

Cue Sheets

A cue sheet is not strictly needed with our music. However if you are required to do so please let us know and we will give you the relevant information.

The IB Audio way

Our license gives you maximum freedom for your productions. What we say on the license is what you can do, nobody else represents us so they cannot issue a license on our behalf.