Spotlight On Alkemi Games

Wed 02 Sep 2009

One of our recent members Alkemi Games recently went under the IB Audio spotlight and kindly answered a few questions about the work they do.

Alkemi-Games are a new game development company that are diving head first into the gaming industry and by the looks of it enjoying every minute. You get a real sense of energy and drive when you speak to them which is always a bonus with new ventures.

Remember to go and check out their latest offering (transcripted) for yourself.

How old is your company?

Barely two months. There's techniquely still no company since we're still unemployed and working at our homes. The actual company should be created during next September / October.

Where are you based?

Nantes, France

Who works with you?

There's only the two of us. Mickael and Me.

What platforms do you design your games for?

Until now we're developping on Flash (no mobile version). Our first two games are playable in any browser with flash player 9+ Our third project, on which I'll start to work in a couple of weeks will be a Unity3D game. There will be a Browser Demo but the final product should be a standalone for PC & Mac.

Are you a hobbyist or is this a commercial venture?

We're definetely not hobbyist. We quit our jobs two months ago to make games for a living (we were from the same company). I've been doing it semi-professionaly we shall say for two years now. Mickael was a php developer and is catching up fast to learn the basics of game programming :)

How did you get started doing what you do?

I can't say we're still 'started', financially at least. I still have to convince people to buy our projects. If your question is more about the technical point of view then... I spent quite a lot of time these last years thinking about games I wanted to create. I've been a multimedia designer for the past seven years and when 3 years ago, I discovered that object oriented programming in Flash was not that hard, I crossed the line : I started to implement some games of mine. Small ones. Today I can say I'm pretty much unimpressed by what it takes to be, if not a genius developer, at least a decent one. So I started to learn other langages and frameworks like C# and .NET...

Do you have any tips for up and coming game designers?

Yeah I have a major one :D

If you're really junior and don't know much about programming : start with Flash ! This platform can be everything between a pretty simple drawing/animation software and a complete game developping framework for 2D games. It can really help to make it less impressive a step in the unknown, to start with lot of 'hand made' animation and interactivity. You can then gradually learn to do all you want 'programaticaly'. If you're not junior and know other langages, Flash is reaaaaaaaally fast to learn ( a bit more to master fully ) and there's no faster way of prototyping a 2D game !

What do you have planned for the future?

Earning our lives with our games and making damned good ones !

What game resources do you find useful?

I ALWAYS read the COMPLETE documentations of my softwares and dont rely on second-hand interpretations or tutorials to learn the basics. Flash Documentation is pretty good and the MSDN for C# is crystal clear... I frequently browse the articles posted on the blogs of the most reknown gurus of whatever framework I use. From there I go learn other things by following their friend list links :)

Thanks Alain for your answers!

Latest Release

Alkemi Games latest release is Transcripted. This is an online game that requires no downloads so you can check it out now and get a feel for what these guys can do.

This game is a classic shoot em up, in the asteroids vien with some beautiful graphics and superb game play.

As you may notice the music is from the IB Audio library and the guys at Alkemi have made some excellent choices to give the game a deep atmospheric feel.

I can highly recommend taking a look at the game.

We wish Alain and Mikael all the best of luck with Alkemi Games and hopefully they will keep using IB Audio's royalty free music in future releases.

Interview by: Ian Blumfield

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