Exclusive Stock Music

Fri 12 Jun 2009

As many of our regular clients will know we are one of the only exclusive stock music providers on the internet. Our stock music is totally unique to IB Audio and you will not find it for sale anywhere else.

Why Exclusive Stock Music?

All too often you see companies making claims that they have exclusive content which all too often reappears on other stock music sites. Unfortunatley they don't have tight enough control over the composers to keep them in one place. A sneaky trick seems to be to rename the track when the composer re uploads to other sites.

Having our music exclusive gives us a great advantage on how we license and control the music.

Our members are safe in the knowledge that they don't have to trawl the other sites to make sure they haven't been ripped off by finding it cheaper elsewhere which is a very common problem at the moment with other stock music providers.

How can we be sure it's exclusive?

As we have composed every piece of music in-house we know exactly where our music comes from. Listen to our exclusive stock music now

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