New members features

Tue 12 May 2009

We've added a couple of new features for our members to make downloading our music easier.

Green Ticks

When a user downloads a track a green tick will be displayed next to the track so you know when browsing around which tracks you already have.

This simple feature makes life a lot easier so you don't duplicate your downloads so you can keep track of what you have when browsing the music (this is especially useful for unlimited download members).

There is still the downloads list which can be accessed from the members control panel which will display all your downloaded music on one page.

Membership timer

Another little edit we've added is a big membership timer in the membership control panel page so our unlimited members will know exactly how long they have left on their accounts at a glance.

This timer used to be on another page but we felt it was better placed in plain view so you always had a reminder of your time remaining on your account.

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