More updates

Wed 30 May 2018

As you may have noticed we've gone back to our more usual song search.

Customers are loving the new bundles, but some are missing the song search. So we've gone for a hybrid approach.

Now all the bundles are accessible via a link at the top of each music section and you can see a link on each song that belongs to a bundle. This approach is the most flexible as you now have extra ways to find music. The bundles offer you extra inspiration as they are hand curated mini collections of music.

As with all businesses, adapting to your customers needs is the only way.

Entire collection changes

We've decided to discontinue the Entire Collection product.

As we are now back with single songs our unlimited downloads account is the best way to download the music.

If you purchased the Entire Collection and would like to switch to our Unlimited Download account, just get in touch with your order number and we'll get you set up straight away.

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