Releases For March & April

Fri 06 May 2016

Here's the tracks we added in March & April

Looks like we forgot to post up March's releases in the news section so here you go!

April's Releases

LITTLE TYKES - Happy ukulele track with whistle. As with most ukulele whistling tracks these are not only great for children's productions, but also advertising where the message is simple.

LOOKING BACK - Pop rock track with an inspirational feel. This song has a great energy that would fit an uplifting production. There is a slight electronic feel with the synth bass and key melody sound.

SPRING - Simple acoustic track with a lovely feeling of Spring blossoming. Would be great for any outdoors/rural and gardening productions.

STRIVE - A powerful moody track that has depth and meaning. Great for setting up a sense of a higher level or something that has beauty and power.

March Releases

DUST TO DUST - Acoustic folk/country track with a sense of dust and outback adventure.

EYES OF THE WOLF - Electronic indie music with a pop edge. Features synths, guitars, drum machines and an almost ethereal vocal in the second half.

LOVE THIS FEELING - Pop track with a feelgood sound. Features acoustic guitars and pop drums giving this a song a catchy bubbly feel.

STORM - Brooding blues tinged track. Spacious sound with shimmering guitars and bluesy drums. The song is in 3/4 time.

Our latest releases can be found here.

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