Royalty Free Music On Hold

Making your business sound better on-hold

Download our music on hold and SAVE money!

At IB Audio you can use our music on hold and you won't need to pay any further license fees to PRS, BMI, ASCAP, PPL etc... you will make instant savings over the cost of a music on hold licence.

You only pay once to license our music, then you can play the music on-hold forever!

File concatenation (joining files together)

We often get asked if we can mix several songs together (concatenate). We are more than happy to help you out and mix any songs together and deliver them to you in your desired format!

There is a small charge for this service. Please get in touch to discuss.

File Format

Our packs contain the following file formats:

  • CCITT U-LAW, 8bit, 8khz, mono (.wav)
  • MP3 @192 kbps, 44.1khz
  • WAV, 16bit, 8khz, mono

Download our entire collection - $69 / £49

Includes every pack below!

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Chill Out Lounge - $25

5 Chill out lounge tracks.

Chill Out Upbeat - $25

5 Upbeat funky chilled beats.

Acoustic Life - $25

5 Upbeat acoustic tracks.

Folk Fun - $25

5 Happy acoustic folk music tracks.

Happy Eco Life - $25

5 Earthy happy acoustic music tracks.

Sweet Acoustic - $25

5 Sweet acoustic tracks.

Feel Good - $25

5 feel good tracks.

Soul Funk - $25

5 Soul and Funk tracks.

Motivating Business - $25

5 Motivational tracks.

Inspirational Ideas - $25

5 Inspiring tracks.

Emotional Indie - $25

5 Emotional Indie guitar music tracks.

Inspire and Dream - $25

5 Inspirational guitar based music tracks.

Dance Anthem - $25

5 Dance tracks.

Dance Energy - $25

5 Energetic dance tracks.

Christmas Vol.1 - $25

5 Classic christmas tracks.

Christmas Vol.2 - $25

5 Christmas tracks.