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Our Licenses

Standard License Agreement - Our standard license that applies to all tracks
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Educational License - IB Audio license for educational users
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Standard License Agreement

The IB Audio license grants you the purchaser of our recorded works the non-transferable right to synchronise our music into your production under the following license agreement.

We are the sole copyright owners of the music and DO NOT belong to any royalty collection agencies so you will not be expected to pay any additional fees for our music.

The music can be used in social media videos such as Youtube. The music has not been registered with any of the music identification services which usually causes a problem with unwanted adverts.

This license does not cover any downloaded preview files, they are for evaluation purposes only.

What you can do with our music


Our standard license allows you to use the music in advertising where the ad budget does not exceed 30,000 GBP. If your total ad budget exceeds this amount please contact us for pricing.

Usage examples

Click here to read some examples of what is allowed under our standard license. These will help you with our definition of a production.

Making custom edits to the music

You can chop up, re-arrange, add to or effect (e.g. adding chorus or reverb) the tracks in any way you wish to fit your production. But, you cannot claim any intellectual rights to the new track you create or resell that track as your own.

Crediting us

We do not require a credit if you use our music but it would be gratefully appreciated.

Cue Sheets

Filing a cue sheet is not strictly necessary for our music, however if you are required to file a cue sheet then please use the following info for any track you use:

Company - IB Audio
Composer - Ian Blumfield


We are the sole copyright owners of the music sold at IB Audio.

What you cannot do with our music

You cannot simply re-sell or give our music away as a music only product, this is classed as sub-licensing. You cannot include our music in a physical product where the music is played on it's own, it must be incorporated into a production of some kind i.e. There must be a bespoke scripted voice over (this only applies to productions where there is no visual element) or synced with a visual element where the main focus is on the production.

You cannot claim any intellectual rights to our music even if you rearrange, chop up effect or add any vocals to the music. We remain the sole copyright owners of the music.

You are not allowed to create derived works of our music. This means that if you are a singer, rapper, music producer etc, you cannot buy our music then add your own voice or instruments and then treat that music as your own. This is known as "creating derived works" and it is not allowed.

You are however allowed to use our music as background music and add your voice over the music in products such as healing/meditation/self-help tapes, audio-books etc. Here, even though you have added your voice over the music, you have not created new music based on our music (i.e. you haven't created derived musical works) so that usage is fine.

*You must not include the music in a ringtone App or where the music is to be re-sold as a music product.

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