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Purchasing and downloading



Purchasing and downloading

Claiming and Account

If you have several orders with us, you can keep all your orders in one place by claiming your account.

When you click your link in your order email you will see an icon in the top right of the download screen, click that and claim your account.

You can then Login Here when you have claimed your account to view your orders and download pages.

Recovering an order email

You can get your order email resent by clicking here.

Downloading music

For current unlimited members: When logged in browse the music library and click the BLUE download button to download the files.

When using our shopping cart you should be taken to the download page to download your products. When on the download screen you can claim your account so any future orders are kept in the same place. Claiming an account is very useful if you have the Entire Collection as you can simply login and download from there.

Do I get all the files for one price?

You will receive everything that is previewed in the player.

If you have purchased the Entire Collection you will be downloading each bundle seperately.

File Formats

In each download pack you will find:

Will the songs have 'Preview' on them all?

No, the files you download will not have the preview watermark on them. The preview is there to protect our files from piracy.

Tracks, Bundles and Eveything

To give you the most flexible options we have given the choice of buying songs per track, in bundles or you can gain access to our entire collection.

With each level up you are making significant savings!

Discount Code Rules

Please note that only one discount code can be used per order. Discount codes are not valid in conjunction with any other promotion.


How does the preview player work?

Click a song title to open the song, then click the edit you wish to listen too. You can download any of the preview files to evaluate them (these will have the voice over watermark).


Can I use the music for YouTube videos?

Yes, you can use all our music in your YouTube videos for commercial and non-commercial use.

We don't register our music with content ID so you shouldn't have any problems with copyright claims.

Can I use the music for website videos?

Yes, you can use the music in your own productions that you post up on your own website.

Can I upload my productions on social media?

Yes, you can upload your productions to any social media platform you wish.

Do I need to file a cue sheet?

No, as we are not registered with any of the Performing Rights Organisations you do not need to file a cue sheet.

However some broadcasters insist on cue sheets being filled out so please use the following information:

Composer: Ian Blumfield
Label: IB Audio

Can I use the music for music on hold?

Yes, you can use any of the music on your on hold system. We also have a dedicated music on hold page with music on hold packs.

Can I create music on hold productions?

Yes, you can use the music to create bespoke scripted music on hold productions.

You cannot simply resell the music along with a telephone systems even if you add a simple "thanks for holding" message. You must mix the music with a bespoke scripted message.

Can I use in my APP/Game?

Yes, you can use the music in your APP. The only restriction is that you cannot make a ringtone or music APP that allows the customer to download the music.

Can I mix the music with vocals and call it my own?

Yes and No, you will need to contact us first before doing this as it requires extra agreements.

Can I resell your music?

No, you cannot simply download our music and resell it.

If you do wish to resell our music we can set you up with an affiliate account and then you can earn money by referring people to us. You will earn a percentage of sales from people you send our way.