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Royalty Free Action Music

Music with impact and energy. Our action music covers a broad range of uses from gaming to video production.


  • Adventure Travel
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    Big exciting adventure based music tracks

  • Delta Squad
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    Military inspired music cues

  • Energizer
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    Tracks that pack a punch, great for sports

  • Epic Cinematic
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    Big orchestral hitters

  • Hunters
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    Action music for chasing and being hunted

  • Metal Hybrid
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    Explosive metal tracks with attitude

  • Military Force
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    Music for war and combat

  • Need For Speed
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    Cars, sports and adrenaline junkies

  • Old West
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    Rootin tootin cowboy music

  • Power Factory
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    Hard hitting powerful music tracks

  • Secret Agent
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    Spy and espionage music beds

  • Uprising
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    Big brooding cinematic power tracks