A unique music library

IB Audio was founded in 2004 and is still one of the only music libraries that creates it's own content in-house.

Music with identity

Our mission is to create unique music with a sense of identity at a price you can afford.

Nearly all our competitors are simply market places for composers with bajillions of tracks you'll never search through, which is fine, but you don't get a sense of identity for the music library itself. We prefer to create highly usable music that reflects the needs of todays producers.

100% Royalty free music

We are one of the only royalty free music companies on the net that can claim to be completely royalty free. This means that we DO NOT belong to any of the royalty collection agencies such as ASCAP, PRS, MCPS, BMI, GEMA etc... so we can offer our music to you as 100% royalty free.

We're like free range music!

Many thanks,
IB Audio Team