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John :

Hi Ian,
I've downloaded the loops you generously (and quickly!) provided.
They're perfect - exactly what I needed.
Thanks also for the text instructions with the loops.
Not only is IB Audio's music the best, the service is fantastic too!
Thanks again!

Dean Vultaggio :

Hi there,
As a long time user now of your site and music I thought I'd just send a quick message to show my appreciation of your work. The standard is superb, especially at the price! I've just extended my subscription and look forward to more great compositions in the coming months.

Kevin Barker :

Nothing better than IB Audio!
Great High-Quality Music, with its cheap prices. The yearly method is the best, and its cheap. I must say that im not dissapointed at all, IB Audio is great, user friendly, safe and legal! Keep up the good work!

Simon Leadbetter :

As Chief Marketing Officer of one of BBC2's Dragons' Den Dragon's companies I was casting round for rights-free music for a major conference on web businesses. Let's just say the music ibaudio provided brought the house down at the BFI IMAX in London in front of 400 web entrepreneurs and venture capitalists!

Jon Burke :

Hi there,
I produce large numbers of web video and corporate video clips and have used a number of music suppliers and garageband tracks. I used a number of your tracks for main beds and found the music to have a highly mixed and strong emotional pull which makes editing a lot easier for me and can create a much bigger impact on the flow of the work I do. I like the fact that the loops are often available and my clients appreciate the quality outcomes. I would go as far as saying you are a little cheap(not much though) and particularly good value.
Cheers and keep up the good work!
From Jon in Adelaide Australia.
PS i tell all my friends about you as well.

Khaki Design :

Just wanted to say that we have recently purchased your DVDs and joined your site as we use music in our corporate videos regularly. We have been very impressed by your music and have yet to find a situation where we cant find something suitable.
Khaki Design

Thanks for all the great tracks and we will be keeping a close eye on the updates on your site.

All the best.

The Khaki team

Adrian Jones :

Hi Guys,
Just wanted to thank you for providing a really great site. We run an online windsurfing magazine www.boardseeker.com and use tracks from your website frequently.


Jake Sommers :

I must tell you that along with your production package I bought another. THERE IS NO COMPARISON...In fact, I am going to do my best to send the other back. I was able to find ONE useable track that had "the sound" that I was looking for...that is no problem with the stuff I downloaded from you. I am SO looking forward to getting the DVD.

More feedback from Basement Production

I still can not get over the quality of what I am hearing. I am downloading the new stuff and am sitting here smiling.

I went ahead and sent the other 2 production packages back...this is all I need!


Jae Staats :

As the owner of a digital video company, I am always looking for great deals to enhance my projects and productions. IB Audio has definitely fit this need! Their music is not only professional but also very versatile which means I can use the songs for more than just one project. IB Audio is one of the best sources for music on the web!

BallBoy Productions www.ballboy.net

James Dobson :

Anyone with half a brain should sign up now! With tunes of this quality and membership this cheap - it doesn't take Einstein to realise you are onto a winner.
Nice one keep up the great work

James Dobson - Audio Visual Technician for Digicam Video.
Digicam Video

A second quote from James Dobson:

Just to say, some of the more recent tunes added to the library seem to be on a new level. Particular Kudos to - Jinx (Bloody excellent), No Deal and Frenzy - Nice One!

www.360spinvt.co.uk - Professional Virtual and DVD Video Tour Providers

Evelyn Carrigan :

IB Audio has the coolest royalty-free music I've heard. As an editor for a TV show, I use a lot of different music just for one episode. IB Audio not only provides me with variety, but they have also written the theme song for my closing montage that will be used each week. Thanks to IB Audio, I can really spice up the show and have fun editing to the music.

Chris Brown :

Feel the Fear is so perfect. What makes this so usable is the loops, I can make it fit the video I need it for. You guys rock.
Thanks a ton.

Josh :

I just wanted to email to give my support. I have been a member for the past year and have found your site to be a great asset when making shorts or student film project. I especially love the funk music that you have on your site. MORE FUNK MUSIC PLEASE is the only request i have.
Thanks again.

Atlanta GA

Gregory J. Bennett :

As a testimonial, I would like to say, Ibaudio.com is the best royalty-free music library that exist today. Membership is very reasonable, they provide fresh tracks each month and they're more than happy to work with you and help you customize an original track. Unlike other royalty-free libraries, Ibaudio gives you the freedom to re-arrange the music tracks and use them in any way you want. What more could you ask for? Ibaudio is the way to go.

Rowan Dewar :

I became a member of IB Audio last year as I wanted to use good quality web music, since joining the service has been great, always responded quickly to any questions, and have provided me with the right music I was looking for

or short but sweet

The Best MUSIC LIBARY in the world ...ever!

Rowan Dewar - Animator and Multi Media Designer
Visit www.rowanimation.co.uk to find out more

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