Credit Regrade

Fri 09 Oct 2009

We have implemented a very important update to the credit values giving us more flexibility with pricing which will benefit our members.

The Update

The value of 1 credit has been reduced from £6 to 50p. Song credit values have now been amended to reflect this e.g. one song is now 30 credits (as opposed to 3 credits previously).

Credit Bundles

Please refer to the credit table to see our new credit bundles.

What About Members Credits?

Members who had credits remaining in their accounts at the time of the regrade have had their credits increased at no charge, so no member will loose out and will be able to download the same number of tracks as before the regrade.

The Future

Now that we have much finer control over the pricing we will be updating the site very soon with new products that can be sold for a much lower price. There is a really cool update coming soon that will give our credit members more choice with how they spend their credits.

Keep watching this space...

All The Best
IB Audio Team

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