New Children's Category

Wed 26 Aug 2009

We've added a new category to filter out the children's tracks that we have.

These tracks were originally in the fun music section, but that has grown into a bit of a monster so we needed to filter out just the children's tracks (which is what it was orginally intended for).

Other Uses

One of the great things about our royalty free children's music is how versatile it is for conveying a sense of fun in an ordinary product. So many adverts use this quirky style of music as a means to connect with the audience.

In a way it's like saying that this product is so easy that it's child's play.

New Track

A new track has been released to mark this new category called New Bike. This is a charming little track that was inspired by the Charlie and Lola programme that is aired in the UK on cbeebies.

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