IB*Audio site Re-Launch

Fri 07 Aug 2009

Welcome to the new ib*audio website design, a labour of love!

Is it really that late?

We have been working around the clock with our web design team to bring the new IB Audio site to life. A lot of coffee was consumed a new day dawned and eventually version 3 was born into the world kicking and screaming.

As you can see we now have a lot more space for all the elements to sit in so things are less cluttered and hopefully easier to navigate. Our new little mascot dude is featured throughout the site and we are planning on getting new poses designed so watch out as he could appear anywhere!

There is a very handy footer area that is useful for quick linking to the song categories, latest songs and news.

We have also updated the framework of the site using more modern coding techniques so it paves the way for future development as we move towards full compliance with the very latest w3c working group web standards.

The designer

We'd like to extend our thanks to our web designer at Ethical Design as a lot of hard work and man hours went into building this new design. Ethical Design have been with us since the start of IB Audio back in 2004 so it's great to be working with the same team after all these years.

Cross browser compatibility

Anyone who has ever designed a website will know how making a site work across multiple browsers is an art form in itself. Our site has been thoroughly tested on all the popular browsers and should perform well across the board.

For the most visually pleasing and fastest browsing experience however, we recommend the latest versions of Apple's Safari browser or Mozilla's Firefox as both of these browsers are well ahead of the competition in their adoption of new standards support and rendering speed and allow us to offer you an enhanced experience that isn't yet available in Internet Explorer.

We do however have a favourite browser which is Firefox. This browser is a superb piece of freeware that has taken the internet by storm and we strongly recommend using it. We are seeing the Firefox browser overtake Internet Explorer in our own statistics as it has every right to.

A brief history of the IB Audio designs

Version 1:

This design was originally a template which was modified by Ethical Design to give us a unique look. This gave IB Audio it's first platform for selling royalty free music but had very limited functionality.

IB Audio Version 1 Design

Version 2:

This was the first bespoke design that has seen many changes in the header graphics but ultimately it's the same design. We introduced a database driven song selection plus most of the functionality that we see on the site today.

I have many fond memories of this design as it has seen the birth of my first child and marriage, so it takes a special place in history for me!

IB Audio Version 1 Design

Version 3:

Well you're in version 3 right now so have a look around!

I hope you enjoy the new design, thanks.
Ian Blumfield

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