Mon 24 Jun 2019

I’ve finally got onboard with a subscription model for IB Audio.

Subscribe Image


Over the years I’ve really wanted to put this onto the site and I think now is the right time to roll it out. After a lot of development it’s now ready to be unleashed.

You can now subscribe to IB Audio for only $4 per month and enjoy unlimited downloads!

I’m a big fan of Crowd Sourcing/Patron style business models as everyone wins, you the buyer only pay a small fee to get to use my music in your projects and I get paid a fair wage for the work (providing enough subscribers get onboard!).

I’ve been writing and licensing music for over 15 years now and the last 2 years has seen the biggest change in the industry ever.

The Netflix / Spotify subscription model has now taken root and is seen as the norm. Music licensing has had to adapt to this and you can either embrace change or flounder.

I really hope that my subscription will be affordable to everyone needing royalty free background music. There are so many musical journeys to take and I hope you will join me and support mine :)

Many Thanks,
Ian Blumfield
IB Audio Team

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