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Membership Changes

Sun 04 Feb 2018

We've made some big changes to IB Audio!

As you may see when searhcing the site, all our music has been re-classified and turned into bundles. These handy bundles are a great way to find similar tracks to help you find music faster.

As an unlimited member you can download the bundles by clicking the big BLUE download buttons as normal.

Membership changes

Another major change is that we will no longer be taking on any new members on the current system.

Will I still have access that I paid for?

Rest assured that you will have access to the files on IB Audio until your membership expires!

What happens when my membership expires?

When you're membership expires you will not be able to renew your account. You can choose to purchase our new Entire Collection or simply buy bundles / tracks as you need them.

We will send you a special discount code when you're account is up for expiry to give you a great discount.

The new Entire Collection product is essentially the same as the membership as it has 1 years access. You will just be downloading music in a different way.

Song Updates

Please note that not all tracks are back on the site yet as we are still creating bundles as we go. We have however culled quite a few tracks that we feel don't reflect what we stand for. If there are any tracks you have favourited just click those and you will still get access to them! they are still there!

In the members area you will find a link to the latest 50 songs that you can download.

As we will be writing bundles of songs from now on, we won't be keeping to a strict monthly update of single songs. Instead we will release bundles as we create them. This will create a more focussed set of songs each time, we think this is the future.

Many Thanks,
IB Audio

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