New license structure

Mon 05 Jun 2017

We've been trialling our super cheap license for over 5 months now and although it's been a great success we feel that one super cheap option isn't the best way forward.

Our users come from both ends of the commercial spectrum from YouTubers to broadcasting houses. So we've decided to implement a split license which is something we've never done before, but seems a logical step forward.

Basic Account

We now have a license for entry level users just making videos for YouTube. We've given a generous monthly view limit of 1 Million views per month on your channel. This license will be the cheap option to help those getting started in video production.

Pro Account

Our new Pro Account option gives our high end users more scope to use the music across all platforms as well as broadcast usage.

Any accounts started prior to this change are automatically on our Pro Account license so you don't need to worry, only accounts created going forward are affected.

Single song downloads

Any songs downloaded via our shopping cart are automatically on the Pro Account license agreement.

Many Thanks,
IB Audio Team

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