New Music For December

Wed 08 Jan 2014

We uploaded 5 new royalty free tracks in December for our members to download (including a free track for all to download).


Piano based track with a waltz groove. This track is in 3/4 time and has a slightly quirky feel to it.

City Lights

Upbeat synth track with lots of energy. This track features a powerful beat and loads of synth fx to keep this track constantly moving.

Longest Days

Warming, feel good track. Great for wholesome lifestyle productions.


Gentle piano with a tripping feel. This song is perfect for documentary backgrounds where dialogue is key. This song is leaning more towards a darker aspect in mood.

Auld Lang Syne - Free To Download

Awesome rock version of this New Years staple. Bring your New Years celebration in with this super high energy version. There is also a free version for all to download without the need for an IB Audio account here.

You listen to previews of all the tracks on our latest songs page here.

Thanks for reading,
IB Audio Team

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