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Royalty Free Corporate Music

Our hugely popular corporate music section has been hand picked to reflect the ever changing landscape of corporate videos. In the past the music was very tech edged, but there has been a big shift towards a more playful simpler approach.

'Corporate' is not exactly a great term for this kind of video as every business will have different ideals and approaches to how they want their businesses to be perceived. This is why our entire library is effectively ideal for corporate videos as we don't know what style you need.

But having said that we have tried to put together a section of music that appears to be the most popular music at the moment.

Corporate and Business music section

Our corporate music collection is a hugely popular category that contains a wide variety of tracks that are suitable for corporate videos.

Sub Categories

Inside the main corporate section we have filtered some of the tracks into sub categories to help you find the perfect track so please click those to fine tune your search.

Ukulele and clapping

It wouldn't be fair to talk corporate without at least mentioning the ukulele!

It seems this little instrument has seen a resurgence in popularity recently, it is nearly always accompanied by clapping. It's almost a given that every advert break on TV will have a ukulele moment now. We don't want to disappoint anyone so our Quirky Corporate section features many ukulele tracks as well some other fun tunes.

Need something specific?

If you cannot find the music you need in our library, please drop us a line and we will be happy to discuss your musical requirements.