Royalty Free Music

  • Pop Food

    Light pop with a groove

  • Quirky Fun

    Friendly fun and a bit silly

  • Simply Make

    Craft and how to videos

  • Sweet Acoustic

    6 Simple acoustic tracks

  • Jazz Grooves

    Jazzy beats and grooves

  • Fun Funk

    Quirky funk tracks

  • Kitsch

    Super cute lounge music

  • Lounge Cats

    Smooth lounge, elevator music

  • Dreamy and Warm

    Cozy simple music beds

  • Feeling Good

    Uplifting feel good music

  • Folk Fun

    Happy acoustic folk music

  • Friends Forever

    Uplifting high five pop music

  • Happy Earth

    Music with a smile

  • Happy Eco Life

    Earthy happy acoustic music tracks

  • Happy Times

    Cute and plinky set of upbeat tunes

  • Happy Ukulele

    Simple ukulele based music fun

  • Child's Play

    Simple fun music