Royalty Free Music

  • Uprising

    Big brooding cinematic power tracks

  • Solitude

    Music for finding peace and loneliness

  • Uplifting Guitars

    Big emotional inspiring tracks

  • Inspire and Dream

    Uplifting emotional music beds

  • Love U

    Music for romance and love

  • Piano Emotion

    Beautiful and emotional piano tracks

  • Piano Love

    Piano based love songs

  • Dark Emotion

    Emotional music with a darker side

  • Dark Guitars

    Emotional guitar tracks with a cinematic

  • Dreamy and Warm

    Cozy simple music beds

  • Emotional Indie

    Alternative emotional music beds

  • Happy Times

    Cute and plinky set of upbeat tunes

  • Alternative Emotion

    Not so obvious emotional tracks

  • Alternative Uplifters

    Emotionally charged indie music

  • Cinematic Emotion

    Big emotional music cues