Frequently Asked Questions

Search for the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below, but remember - if you don't find the answer here then don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to help you out in person.

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Questions regarding payment methods

Do you accept all major credit/debit cards?
I don't have a Paypal account?
I want to be sure it's 100% safe?
Are you VAT registered?

Info about accounts
Questions relating to accounts

Is there a time limit on credits?
Do I really get access to everything on the Unlimited Deal?
Is the unlimited account a subscription?
Is there a renewal discount?
Will you let me know when my Unlimited Download account is going to expire?

Questions relating to our license agreement

Can I use the songs on my wesbite?
Can I use the songs for my DVD/Video?
Can I use the songs in my student film?
Can I use the song for anything I want?
Can I re-sell your songs?
Can I add vocals to your songs?
Can I use your music for Music On Hold?
Do I have to fill in a cue sheet?
Can I use the loops in my own songs?
Do I have to give you a credit on our film or TV Show?
What about YouTube content ID system?

Downloading and Song Files
Questions about our royalty free song files and downloading

What format are the tracks in?
How do I login?
How do I search the music?
Where do I find the latest songs?
How do I download using the credit system?
What are the song file formats?
Why is there a voiceover watermark on all the preview's?
Do I need a fast internet connection?
What styles of music do you have?
How do I use the favourites feature?

Royalty Free Music
Questions about royalty free music

Is your music royalty free?
Is your music copyright free?
What does royalty free music mean?

General questions regarding our service
Any general questions that are not covered in the above catagories are answered here

Do you send out demo CD's?
I am having trouble using a Mac with Internet Explorer 5?
What is the answer to Life The Universe and Everything?